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On-Line Qualitative Research


Qualitative is faster, cheaper, and better with Innovare's on-line research. 

Why go on-line?  Here's just some of the reasons!

  • Eliminate costly travel and reduce project logistics

  • Shorten project time

  • Reach difficult to recruit subjects - busy executives and medical professionals

  • Cover subjects from wide geographic areas simultaneously

  • 24/7 access to subjects in their natural environment

  • Easily repeat subjects and with minimal costs

  • Build an on-going customer and consumer dialog

We offer 3 on-line approaches

Live On-Line In-Depth Interviews and Focus Groups

Mobile Video Ethnography and Voice of the Customer

On-Line Bulletin Boards and Journaling





















Live On-Line In-Depth Interviews and Focus Groups

Using web cams and an on-line portal we conduct real time interviews in a virtual focus group room.  This is face to face interviewing, 1 on 1 or with small groups.


 In addition to the subject's voice we capture all the visual cues because we are seeing their faces and their gestures.  Plus the client team can observe in a virtual backroom as well as interact during the sessions.

Rich participant interaction is possible via a shared screen showing the research stimuli which can be marked-up and the respondents.  Interactive polling features and whiteboards fill out the portal features. 

Of course all session video and audio are recorded for analysis. 

Like traditional focus group and in person IDIs, Live On-Line IDIs and Groups are used for exploring the subject's attitudes, perceptions, and experiences.  They can easily used for branding and concept development.  We can quickly change the stimulus to get in the moment responses.  In addition, product or samples can be sent to the subjects prior to the research events enabling product trials, home use testing, even taste testing. 

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Mobile Video Ethnography and Voice of the Customer


Ethnography and Voice of the Customer are primary tools in our front-end discovery and team immersion toolbox.  Having subjects capture their own videos, voice and text files with mobile devices and post them on-line brings us to a new level of research capability. Mobile virtual ethnography complements traditional in-field customer and consumer visits with powerful and low cost ways to explore your customer's lives in greater depth, anytime, anywhere!

We let the subject take us into their homes or place of work through a series of assignments and exercises.  

We leverage the ease of capturing  video.  The subjects use low cost digital cameras, webcams, flip-cams, and even mobile phones to capture what's going on in their environment. 

We expand the envelop of self-ethnographies by having subjects upload video clips as well as audio, photos, and text files to our project portal. 





Asynchronous posting of the subject's files to a project portal provides almost real-time access to the subject's world.  The portal is available to the entire team to view, analyze, provide probes, or give additional assignments as the research progresses. 

Video diaries become a breeze.  The subjects can post an ongoing series of video clips to complement voice, photo and essay data.  The videos are fully transcribes and searchable, plus we create video reports as part of the analysis. 

Mobile virtual ethnography or VOC is substantially lower in project costs plus you can add more touch points with your customers - 24/7 if needed!  It is very easy and cost effective to ask additional questions and give assignments as we work with each subject.  

It is particularly useful for day-in-the life, in-store, at work or while interacting with a product or service.  Also for following events that occur over multiple occasions, off hours, or sometimes over many days to weeks providing a longitudinal perspective.  The subjects upload their video clip and assignment materials we build a comprehensive ethnographic view bringing you customers to life.


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On-Line Bulletin Boards and Journaling

On-line bulletin boards and journaling started the on-line qualitative revolution primarily as text feeds only.  Now with increased bandwidth and multimedia capability, bulletin boards and journaling have moved beyond text and include audio, video, and photo content.  These allows subjects to provide rich in-depth asynchronous feedback on topics anytime, 24/7. 

We can have subjects respond to specific events and assignments or continue to be engaged for several days.  Typical projects last from several days to a few weeks in duration.  However, they can continue for extended periods of time allowing for qualitative longitudinal study which is cost prohibitive using traditional methods.   

The subjects interact with a project portal where they view various stimuli, post their responses to questions, upload assignments etc.  This is also a great way for to get real feedback on product use.  We simply ship products to the subjects and they  post their comments, videos, photos of their experiences up to the project portal. 




Bulletin boards are probably the best way to connect with busy executives, doctors, and professionals.  They can interact when they have a few minutes throughout the day or evening.  Also with bulletin boards each subject can view and interact with other subjects or you can keep their responses hidden from each other. 

Journals or diaries tend to go into greater depth and last for much greater period of time compared to bulletin boards.  They also tend to be very open-ended and really allow the subject to capture their whole  experience on a topic over the course of time. 

Bulletin boards and journaling is one of the easies and lowest cost form of qualitative data collection and should be part of your tool box.









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